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Updated: September 23, 2023

Sept 27 - Nov 5, 2023

40 DAYS FOR LIFE -- Fall Campaign

Come and help women who may be dealing with a crisis pregnancy and help save the lives of babies…come and live out the Gospel of Life!
Sign up for hours at:
(click left for flyer and more info)

October 6

Annual Hunter Bake Sale!!!

Time to get out the rolling pins and mixing bowls! Please think about what you can donate to the sale to make this fundraiser a grand success! In past years, our best sellers have been cookies, sweet loaf breads, pies, and brownies and muffins.
Click left for flyer. Call Maria for details (530-233-2443)

October 14

Rosary Rally -- Noon

On Saturday, October 14, 12 pm, a Rosary Rally will be held on Main St. in Cedarville. Pray, Pray, Pray for the USA!

October 28
Fall Festival — 4pm-7pm — Sacred Heart Parish Hall
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Lay Mission Project: October 2023 — Cost: $0

The Church needs passionate and holy lay Catholics to evangelize the secular world. But for the most part, the Church has not adequately formed the laity toward this end, and many have become lukewarm and are drifting into complete mediocrity and indifference. The Church will never fully realize its calling without a devout and passionate laity, which is why Bishop Soto has brought the Lay Mission Project to the diocese of Sacramento, and is offering it to ALL parishes for FREE!
It’s hard to be a good Catholic these days. Confusion, unorthodoxy, and frustration seem to be everywhere, and many people – even practicing Catholics – aren’t even sure if the Faith is relevant.

We are called to share the Faith and witness Our Lord in our everyday circumstances, but what does this mean in real terms? (click left for info)

NOW thru
March 2024

Christian Initiation Series

starting in September. For more information, click left.
Questions: Jazmin Ortiz - jortiz@scd.org

October 2023 thru
May 2024

Worship the Lord in the Beauty of Holiness
Liturgy Formation Series

Presented by the Diocese of Sacramento Liturgical Commission, Office of Worship, and Office of Family & Faith Formation (OFFF). A six-part series for liturgy committee members, liturgy coordinators, liturgical ministers, musicians, as well as teachers, catechist and those who do sacramental preparation.

Purpose: To promote the fully conscious and active participation of all the faithful by forming qualified liturgical leaders to achieve beautiful and dignified liturgies according to the teachings of the Church. Drawing upon Sacred Scripture and primary liturgical documents, this series offers a comprehensive introduction to liturgical principles and practices through selected readings, lecture, discussion, and individual projects. Practical application will be emphasized.