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Last Update: April 14, 2019

New Bi-Monthly Catholic Book Study--Begins May 6

The Fourth Cup by Scott Hahn

Come to Suzi and Marty Young's home every other Monday.

Call Duanna Knighton for more info (233-5660).

Season IV of ARISE Together in Christ has begun for Lent. There will be six faith-sharing sessions that invite us to embrace in our lives a "New Heart, New Spirit." The first session helps us to see Lent as a time to review our life choices and to measure them against the Scripture. Lent is a time to get in touch with who we really are, and who we are called to be. The rest of the season invites us to look at the power of forgiveness, the Church as the home for all God's family, and freedom and peace as the first fruits of the Resurrection. Please join us for six wonderful and challenging weeks of Lent. Sessions are held at Jake & Ronda's home on Tuesday evenings beginning at 6:30 pm.
Contact Ronda for more information at 530-708-0677 or

Catholic Viewpoint: Faith, Hope and Love

Father Michael Kiernan (Pastor of Sacred Heart 1977-81) has produced a series on faith, hope and love from the Catholic viewpoint. You can watch all the programs on YouTube. Just type the title in the search bar of YouTube. Then click on the icon (Madonna & Child) to access all shows in one place. Or click left.

The Sacramento Diocese Now Offers ONLINE LEARNING for parish catechists and Catholic school teachers wishing to obtain or renew their Catechist Certification at

Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church online